With your help FAITH can embrace the world, identify others who share the vision and will deliver the programs of dialogue and action
to all who seek to join in its work.

Our Mission: FAITH will

• Combat interfaith prejudice, Islamaphobia, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christianity.
• Build partnerships of religious organizations on both international and local levels which fight interfaith bigotry.
• Sponsor dialogues among lay Christians, Muslims and Jews.
• Develop a declaration of mutual recognition among Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars.
• Produce films and other interfaith media programs.
• Train clergy of different faiths to broaden interfaith dialogue and action.
• Lead interfaith peace missions, study and teaching trips.
• Create programs in the Arts which promote interfaith understanding and build peace.
• Construct youth and adult educational activities which train interfaith leadership for the future.

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Your support of FAITH will enable us to fund programs like KickStart Peace and activities that achieve
a reconciled humanity through interfaith trust and harmony.
Further, through your philanthropic investments you will become a partner with FAITH,
a visionary organization with the foresight to understand how essential
the active connection and communication among different religious groups can be toward building a world of peace.