FAITH President Mark L. Winer Becomes
First American-born Rabbi To Receive Royal Honor From Queen Elizabeth!

Rabbi Winer Named Member of of the Order of the British Empire for Outstanding Interfaith Work
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“Our Shared Holy Land” is an equally
Muslim and Christian and Jewish pilgrimage
to what all three Abrahamic religions regard as Holy Land.
Together, we will envision the dream of a “shared Holy Land” and the
sometimes harsh realities in the State of Israel and Palestinian Authority.

Together, we will visit religious sites sacred to one or more of the three Abrahamic faiths, experience each other in worship on our three different sabbath days, explore distinctive opposing narratives about the same events, and confront conflicts among our Muslim, Christian, and Jewish co-religionists living there.
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Mark Winer and Queen Elizabeth


In the news:

Winning Friends of Other Faiths-
Dealing with anti-Islamic prejudice plays the principal role in most Muslims' lives, as dealing with anti-Semitism once did in ours. When Jews protest Islamophobia, we can build friendships.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
American-born Rabbi honored by Queen Elizabeth II

Gannet Papers:
Queen names former White Plains rabbi to Order of the British Empire

The Jewish Week:
Praise For An American in London

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KIck Start Peace

How Does Peace Happen?

Peace can happen when Palestinian Arab teenagers and Israeli Jewish teenagers play soccer on the same team.

In its first year (2011-2012), KickStart Peace combined teenage Arab boys from the Arab town of Abu Ghosh with an equal number of Jewish boys from the neighboring Jewish boarding school of Kiryat Yearim, under an Arab coach and a Jewish coach.

The two communities hired the coaches. FAITH engaged a Jewish youth worker and an Arab youth worker to work with the boys and their families through the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI). The Arab and Jewish boys on the KickStart Peace team learned to build peace.

Sharing their languages of Arabic and Hebrew, exchanging home visits, learning about each others' religions, the teenagers became ambassadors of peace, as well as outstanding soccer players, winning first place in their league!

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With your help FAITH can embrace the world,
identify others who share the vision
and will deliver the programs of dialogue and action
to all who seek to join in its work.

On a daily basis, the media highlight
the poison of interfaith bigotry.


Our Vision:
FAITH will


The attacks of September 11 exemplify interfaith intolerance. In Darfur, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Auschwitz—as throughout history— more lives have been lost as a result of religious and ethnic hatred than any other single cause. In contrast, FAITH envisions a reconciled humanity where religious diversity is a source of strength.

FAITH is a partnership of religions,
building peace through interfaith dialogue
and action.

New relationships among diverse groups offer exciting opportunities for us to exchange and test new ideas to help resolve historic conflicts.

FAITH teaches religious groups to view each other with mutual respect and to celebrate difference.



Combat interfaith prejudice, Islamaphobia, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christianity.

Build partnerships of religious organizations on both international and local levels which fight interfaith bigotry.

Sponsor dialogues among lay Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Develop a declaration of mutual recognition among Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars.

Produce films and other interfaith media programs.

Train clergy of different faiths to broaden interfaith dialogue and action.

Lead interfaith peace missions, study and teaching trips.

Create programs in the Arts which promote interfaith understanding and build peace.

Construct youth and adult educational activities which train interfaith leadership for the future.

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Your support of FAITH will enable us to fund programs like KickStart Peace and activities that achieve
a reconciled humanity through interfaith trust and harmony.
Further, through your philanthropic investments you will become a partner with FAITH,
a visionary organization with the foresight to understand how essential
the active connection and communication among different religious groups can be toward building a world of peace.